About Us


NxTUP was started by Jesse Outhouse and Steve Melly. We are two friends that both had great experiences as athletes throughout our college careers. However, we were unable to realize our full potential as athletes because we were never taught the importance of strength training. After our careers, we both got into coaching and working with the youth. Our love for sports, developing the youth and strength training led us to create NxTUP Sports Performance. Our goal is to provide athletes everywhere what we lacked: proper strength training programs that are effective and affordable. We want to help every athlete realize their dreams and reach their peak.

Steve Melly is a former collegiate baseball player, who went on to coach at the D3 level for the University of Scranton Royals. He received his Master’s degree in 2011. He has been certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and the International Youth Conditioning Association as a High School Strength and Conditioning Coach and Specialist. He trains athletes of all ages including multiple Division I athletes in numerous sports. Steve is a lover of all things hip hop.

Jesse Outhouse is a former collegiate baseball player at Salve Regina and the University of Scranton. Jesse was a three-sport star athlete in high school, garnering numerous accolades including All-State nods in baseball. He has taken to the sidelines as a coach in recent years. Jesse has coached baseball, basketball and track and field at the high school level in New York. Jesse is an expert on apples. Seriously.

Steve Melly


Jesse Outhouse