Do More: Eccentric Strength

This week’s “Do More” installment focuses on eccentric strength.  There are three phases of an exercise: the eccentric, the isometric, and the concentric. The eccentric phase may

Do More: Push-Up Variations

The push-up provides so many benefits for athletes of all ages and sports.  As we talked about earlier this week the push-up is a great upper body

Do More: Push-Ups

The push-up is an overlooked exercise that often gets butchered when performed. It may not look like much, but the push-up is actually an incredible tool for

Do More: Hip Thrust Variations

The hip thrust is awesome. We already know why. One of the coolest things about the hip thrust is that there are so many effective progressions and

Do More: Hip Thrusts

  Every week, from here on out, we are going to take a look at an exercise that every athlete should be doing. In the post, we will

The Instagrind Effect

Instagram is being flooded with workout videos of young athletes "grinding". My question is: Are they really working all that hard? Social media is everywhere. It is stitched

An Open Letter to Coaches

Dear Coach,   I know that your job security is often dependent on wins and losses. But I hope you know that your job is much more than that.

The Mindful Athlete: Practice for Peak Performance

In our last post The Mindful Athlete, I talked about how mindfulness is quickly becoming a widely used tool for athletes of all ages. Studies show that mindfulness

The Mindful Athlete

Of my many shortcomings as an athlete (and trust me, I had many), the biggest one was my inability to move on from mistakes.  Looking back, my

Pain Free Performance

There is one thing that all athletes have in common.  If you play long enough, every single athlete will deal with pain and discomfort.  It is the