Lacrosse players are some of the most athletic people in sports. The sport calls for acceleration, deceleration, change of direction, power production and incredible body control.

Reactive Training and Power Development:

  1. 1. To develop the lacrosse player’s agility and explosiveness, they will perform reactive training.
  2. 2. These exercises improve their ability to absorb and exert force quickly and efficiently as seen in a quick change in direction or jump.
  3. 3. Players perform medicine ball rotational power exercises to increase their power output and muscle firing during shots and passes.
  4. 4. Athletes also complete other exercises to generate power from their lower half and learn to transfer it through their core and upper body – increasing shot power and consistency.

Strength and Proprioception:

  1. 1. Our lacrosse players will perform various unilateral movements and exercises to enhance proprioception and stability, increasing their athleticism and body control.
  2. 2. A strong core and enhanced body control will aid in fending off defenders when you are attacking the net to score or trying to pry the ball from an opponent.
  3. 3. Increased strength will help players withstand physical punishment and exert their presence.

Health and Injury Prevention:

  1. 1. Lacrosse players are modified overhead athletes, therefore, our program is designed to weigh the benefit and risk of each exercise, especially the bench press variations and overhead lifts.

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  • Lacrosse Advanced

    This program is a MUST HAVE for any lacrosse player that has reached the high school varsity level or higher. NxTUP provides the advanced athlete with a meticulous program aimed at developing a better athlete with increased speed, strength and power. Every athlete needs to be training at this level in order to be able to compete with the best. At this stage of competition, the physical attributes are usually what set the best apart from the rest. We have what you need.