Soccer is a game that is predicated on an athlete’s ability to accelerate quickly, create power from the ground up and control their body in different planes of motion.

Reactive Training and Power Development:

  1. 1. Exercises like box jumps and lateral hurdle hops enhance the athlete’s ability to absorb force then quickly and efficiently produce force off the ground – improving agility, speed, and explosiveness.
  2. 2. Exercises like the kettlebell squat and shrug develop a player’s power output.
  3. 3. Improves their jumping ability and enhances their force production from the ground up.
  4. 4. Helps the soccer player raise up and put a header in the upper 90 on a corner kick.


  1. 1. Our soccer players will be performing various unilateral exercises to improve their proprioception.
  2. 2. These exercises include, but are not limited to, lunges, one legged RDL, and Bulgarian split squats.
  3. 3. The unilateral exercises will help the athlete control their bodies so that they can make sharper cuts and also maintain possession of the ball when a defender tries pushing them off the ball.

Strength and Injury Prevention:

  1. 1. Our program emphasizes strengthening the posterior chain as to protect the soccer player.
  2. 2. Underdeveloped hamstrings and glutes have been linked to ACL tears and other injuries.
  3. 3. Soccer is a quad dominant sport and the posterior chain is often overlooked, which leads to muscular imbalances and increased injury risk.
  4. 4. Our programs look to prevent these injuries so that our soccer players can stay healthy year-round.

Choose yourAGE RANGE

Our Kits are designed based on age level. Choose your Age from the options at right to find the program best for you

  • Soccer Advanced

    This program is a MUST HAVE for any soccer player that has reached the high school varsity level or higher. NxTUP provides the advanced athlete with a meticulous program aimed at developing a better athlete with increased speed, strength and power. Every athlete needs to be training at this level in order to be able to compete with the best. At this stage of competition, the physical attributes are usually what set the best apart from the rest. We have what you need.

  • Soccer Mid-Level

    This program is designed for the growing athlete that is on the cusp of, or just beginning, playing at the high school level. Our mid-level soccer introduces more complex lifts in order for the athlete to maximize the benefits of the training. We will hit the gym more frequently than the younger level, but still have ample recovery time and a methodical progression plan. This program should be an essential for all athletes looking to improve their proprioception, strength and athleticism when going against more developed competition.

  • Soccer Youth

    This program is designed for the beginner soccer player looking to begin a strength training program. Our youth level program promotes mastery of movement and progresses gradually as the athlete begins to demonstrate better strength and coordination. By starting a structured program at this level, the athlete will reap huge benefits compared to their peers. They will build a baseline of strength, recognize the benefits of a strength training program and greatly enhance their playing performance today and in the future.