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NxTUP Sports Performance has all that you need as an athlete! Our strength training programs will take your game to the next level, NxTUP offers the most comprehensive programming for your sport. Click your sport to learn more and become the NXT superstar!


NxTUP Sports' baseball strength program is designed to take the baseball player to the next level. We offer a comprehensive training program emphasizing the athlete's rotational power output while promoting full body strength. Programs are tailored to protect the shoulders of our baseball players and maintain and improve their mobility. Our programs help increase arm strength, bat speed and that first step explosiveness needed to swipe bags.


Full-year programming designed to help you take over the hardwood! Our basketball strength training programs look to develop a quicker first step for a killer crossover or to put some lock down defense on your opponent. NxTUP emphasizes full body strength and power production to increase foot speed, jumping ability, and athleticism. Work hard in the weight room, so you can fly high, absorb contact, and finish for an AND ONE!

Field Hockey

Our field hockey strength training program looks to boost the field hockey player's athleticism. NxTUP's year-long program develops full body strength and power production while focusing on the posterior chain to promote good posture. Enhanced body control will help you maintain ball control and make moves as the defender jabs at the ball. Increase your foot speed to track down balls and beat your opponents. NxTUP wants to make you the queen of the pitch!


Take over the field with our year-long football strength training program. Our programs help the running back hit the hole a step quicker, cut on a dime and finish a punishing run. We are here to help the receiver take flight to pull down a pass with defenders draped on him. Our linemen will be able to keep their QB's upright. Our linebackers will be able to cut down distance and lay a devastating hit on the opponent's running back. NxTUP Sports will help you take over under those Friday Night Lights!


As soon as the puck drops, the action is intense! NxTUP's hockey strength training program will help you dominate your shifts. Our focus on unilateral exercises will enhance your proprioception and improve your skating. Train to take a check, stay on your skates and light the lamp at the end of the play. Our emphasis on the posterior chain will help your posture and keep you healthy and strong on the ice. Training with NxTUP will make you rule the rink!


Competition is fierce in one of the fastest growing sports in the US! NxTUP Sports' lacrosse strength training program develops rotational power and core strength in order to increase shot power. Our focus on enhanced proprioception will help groove movement patterns to increase consistent efficiency from the ground up during your shot. NxTUP will help boost your agility, helping you decelerate, change directions and accelerate, so you can blow by your defender.


Our full-year soccer program will help take your game to the next level. Implementing power exercises that will help develop and transfer power from the ground up will help you win headers in the box. Our emphasis on proprioception will help ball skills and help you shake defenders. Train to be able to absorb contact and still put the ball in the upper 90! Be the one that is NxTUP to take over the pitch!